Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

It s the ideal solution for kitchen corner cabinets that have been fitted with carousels.

Types of kitchen cabinet hinges. There are two types of overlay hinges full overlay hinges and half overlay hinges. While they are on the outside of the cabinet door they can also be inset. Now let s move onto the many types of cabinet hinges that differ in looks and function.

Cabinet hinges may not be the sexiest topic to read about but a well designed and functional cabinet hinge can help erase some of those small annoyances in your life. Kitchen cabinet hinges are available in many different finishes such as chrome brass copper black polished and hammered. Butt hinges are the traditional type of hinge commonly seen on doors.

This type of cabinet door hinge will be on the outside of the cabinet. Concealed or kitchen cupboard door hinges a concealed hinge is one that is completely concealed when the door or lid of a box is closed. Barrel hinges hide so that you don t see them from the outside of the cabinet doors.

We ve reviewed and discussed several different types and models of cabinet hinges here and also gave you information on a closing damper and magnetic closures for cabinet doors. Bi fold corner hinge this hinge style is used for double door corner cabinets where the first door is attached to the cabinet side panel with a 170 hinge and the second door is attached to the first with a bi fold hinge. If the cabinet door and cabinet frame of the same thickness you can easily inset the wrap around hinge.

The hinge is adjustable once fitted and is designed with chipboard and mdf in mind. Hinges make all the difference in the look and feel of your cabinets. These hinges can also be beveled and even a reverse hinge.

Full overlay hinges are the type of hinges you ll want to consider if your cabinet door covers the full face of the cabinet frame. We discussed some of the features of cabinet hinges that affect the look and feel of your cabinet doors. Whether you have framed or frameless cabinets want soft close or standard we ve created this hinge guide to help you navigate all of the options out there.