New Kitchen Cabinets Estimated Cost

New Kitchen Cabinets Estimated Cost

Average kitchen remodel cost on average a kitchen remodel costs 100 to 250 per square foot.

New kitchen cabinets estimated cost. Most homeowners spend between 12 800 and 21 200 with an average cost of 16 600 or 150 per square foot. Set project zip code enter the zip code for the location where labor is hired and materials purchased. Kitchen cabinets range widely from 100 to 1 200 per linear foot.

Based on several factors such as actual measurements molding choices cabinet design organization skus modifications and style and finish color selections your actual price will vary. Actual costs will depend on job size conditions and options. A typical 10 by 10 foot kitchen would run anywhere from 2 000 to 24 000 though most fall in the range of 4 000 to 13 000.

You can expect to get anywhere from 65 to 80 return on your cabinet and kitchen remodel investment when you sell your home. Your final installation cost depends on the materials chosen and the size of your kitchen. On the low end expect to pay between 1 800 and 4 500 on a basic 10 by 10 foot kitchen for rta ready to assemble cabinets or preassembled cabinets shipped and delivered to your door or to the nearest shipping and receiving facility.

Cost of kitchen cabinets per linear foot the average cost of stock kitchen cabinets is 100 to 280 per linear foot semi custom cabinets run 200 to 550 per linear foot and fully custom cabinets cost 500 to 1 200 per linear foot. Basic cabinets top and bottom for a 10x12 foot kitchen start at 4 000 5 000 and up not including installation and countertops. The lower end of this price range is for unassembled cabinets.

The total price depends on the size of the space the quality of materials and whether or not that layout changes. These costs are based on the feedback you supplied and should only be considered rough estimates as to your potential project expenditure. Semi custom cabinets let you choose from among a number of options because they re built after you place your order.