Modular Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Modular Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Hi friends i have explained about the materials widely used in india for modular kitchen hope this information is useful than you.

Modular kitchen cabinet materials. Several kinds top the list hardwoods like marindi mindi or melia azedarach teak and sheesham indian rosewood are common kitchen cabinet materials in india you can then stain and varnish the surface or paint it with your choice of hue. Marine or bwp boiling waterproof plywood is moisture resistant. This material is highly popular in europe and north america.

So what kind of products will be used to make modular kitchen cabinets. Cabinet materials planning a kitchen and all its finishes. With modular kitchens seeping into almost every apartment or house in india.

Modular kitchens consist of various cabinets which are very effective in saving space. The different materials used for the modular kitchen include. Enquire now for kitchen cabinets 1.

Plywood has taken over as the most sought after material. Solid wood wood is by far the most common material used for cabinets. Solid wood is the most common choice for lots of homes alongside a laminated option.

And is the best option for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. With far more superior qualities than any of its rivalries water resistant marine plywood is easily the finest materials for modular kitchen. It is a non toxic and renewable resource.

Let see what all the best material for modular kitchen cabinets and shutter. Modular kitchen materials 1. The different woods used in modular kitchen include the teak marindi sheesham etc.

Natural wood is the most preferred material used for modular kitchen cabinets. And is readily available in indian markets today. However if you have actual wood you can take these measures to resist a termite attack.

The material affects the price so if you want to have cheaper kitchen cabinets you need to change the material. These options are as follows. Not only do modular kitchens look sleek and trendy but also they are very easy to clean and have very easy repairing methods.

What you see from the outside is only the cabinet shutter finish but a lot more goes into making kitchen cabinets. This natural wood is also called the solid wood and is one of the best materials for the modular kitchen. Now in india there are many options of materials for box or carcass making.

Materials for modular kitchen available in the market 1. However the flaws like knots and splinters can affect the overall design. The shutter that is the door of the cabinet covers the carcass cabinet which is its body.

Kitchen materials kitchen cabinet materials 1. Also termites may pose a serious threat to the wood.