Kitchen Cabinets Normal Height

Kitchen Cabinets Normal Height

Full height vs mid height kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets normal height. With an upper cabinet mounting height of 54 inches the top of the upper cabinets would sit at 84 or 90 inches off the ground for the. The standard height of an overhead cabinet is 30 inches but 36 inch or 42 inch tall cabinets are available to allow you to extend the cabinets to the ceiling to maximize storage space. The reason for this is that 18 inches of clearance between base cabinets and uppers are regarded as the optimal working space and with base cabinets generally 36 inches high with countertop included and 24 inches deep upper cabinets beginning at 54 inches provides the desired 18 inch clearance.

In standard kitchens the wall cabinets are typically 30 or 36 inches tall with the space above enclosed by soffits. Full height cabinets have been the standard in the us with an average depth of 12 24 or 36 inches. Where the cabinets run all the way to the ceiling 48 inch cabinets are the logical choice.

The height varies depending on manufacturer. They range in height between about 40 60 inches 125 150cm table height kitchen cabinets. If you want to have an office area in your kitchen then it makes sense to have some countertop at desk height which is just lower than standard countertop height at 30ins 76cm.

The trade off is that for every inch you raise the cabinets you will have more open space to work in but less storage space at an easily reachable height. While the list above will cover most standard base cabinet sizes for normal cupboards and drawer packs there are a few other base cabinets to consider. Mid height cabinets are an emerging trend in europe and elsewhere that ranges in height between 40 and 60 inches.

This surpasses the typical base cabinet height but works well for certain kitchen designs. Other base kitchen cabinets to consider. Although 18 inches is a typical minimum height kitchen cabinets can start much higher than this.

A 12 inch or 15 inch tall cabinet fits neatly over a refrigerator. They are usually standard depth and come in the standard widths. Corner cabinets usually come in two different.