Kitchen Cabinet Zones

Kitchen Cabinet Zones

I realize zone planning seems technical and overly detailed but planning out your kitchen zones requires careful thought and planning.

Kitchen cabinet zones. For zones we strive to provide a custom plan for each cabinet in the kitchen. Even if you have a tiny apartment galley kitchen you still probably have the essentials. Before you start to put anything back assess your entire kitchen and group cabinets and drawers into zones.

We have 2 drawers and cabinet space in this. I then make sure everything you need to complete that task is easily accessible. The dishwasher and cabinets for glassware and plates are also within easy reach.

Its biggest advantage is that items needing to be washed can easily slide down the countertop from the cooking zone. This is a. Another approach i like to take when designing a kitchen layout is to create zones within the kitchen.

A fridge consumables zone some cabinets non consumables zone a sink cleaning zone a little countertop space preparation zone and a stove cooking zone. February 19 2016 skip gallery slides. Be thorough because proper zone planning can radically enhance your kitchen for you.

To say that i love that we have an island in our kitchen area is an understatement. Additional kitchen layout suggestions. Save pin fb.

Divided into zones kitchen makeover. Here is what i have in each zone and how i go about organizing them. These are sections of the kitchen dedicated to a particular task.

Our programming process an architectural term for learning everything we can about our clients unique needs allows us to create a customized cabinet by cabinet plan for each kitchen we design. Everything that i use to prepare meals or bake is in this space. Kitchen organization create zones.

For example this could be your cooking area. Every kitchen should have a prepping cooking clean up and putting away zone. The four kitchen zones.

If you have the luxury to do so create wide work aisles. Taking a little time to organize like items together is such an effective way to simplify your prep and clean up time. These zones might overlap but there should be a clear designated area for all of the activities above.

The existing kitchen had cozy charm and a generous footprint but its layout wasn t functional for an extended family that cooks together the peninsula hemmed in the work area and blocked easy access to the refrigerator which was behind it. The room was closed off from the rest of the house and its look wasn t in keeping with the renovation s warm modern style. Most kitchens can be divvied up into these areas.

The easiest way to do this is to have a notepad and pen and write it down including which items belong in which zones. For me the most effective way to save time and energy in the kitchen is having zones.