Kitchen Cabinet Pull Size

Kitchen Cabinet Pull Size

Largest base cabinet size commonly found in kitchens.

Kitchen cabinet pull size. To find pulls by overall length go to our cabinet pulls page and sort by length. Is the size in proportion to the drawers. If a group of cabinet drawers are stacked on top of one another and they all have the same width but different heights use the same length cabinet pull for all drawers.

Whether you are building a new bathroom with fancy drawer pulls or putting in some traditional cabinet knobs in your kitchen hardware placement is something you want to make sure and get right the first time. Browse our most popular pull sizes by drill center. Center to center overall length and projection.

If using a large pull. Pulls sizes for kitchen drawers vs cabinets. Base cabinets may have a single door double doors a series of drawers or a combination of a drawer and doors.

For standard size cabinetry dimensions of 12 36 the most common pull sizes are 3 4 96mm and 128mm center to center from one screw hole to another. We recommend a pull that is no longer than one third of the total cabinet door height and no longer than one half of the total drawer width. First let s look at the sizes of base cabinets.

If you have a really long drawer 36 wide or more you can also opt to have two pulls one on either side to make it easier to open. I even install some vertical and some horizontal it depends on how they look. Standard knob sizes are 1 1 4 or 1 3 8.

It s a judgement call depending on your tastes and the design. Pulls also come in common sizes and as i mentioned earlier you need to pay attention to 3 measurements. I specify 2 knobs for 30 drawers and wider.

A single knob on 24 27 wide drawers tends to look a bit lost and out of scale. A knob on a 12 21 wide drawer like you see above looks fine. The drill center also called center to center is the distance between the screws not the overall length of the pull.

So rather than installing two separate standard size pulls you are only installing one larger pull handle. Filler cabinets can accommodate pull outs those narrow rolling racks which are great for storing baking pans or spices. It all depends on your design needs the standard size of a base cabinet is 34 5 inches tall without the countertop and 36 inches with the countertop.

Most people will choose two or three different sizes to fulfill all their kitchen cabinet hardware needs.