Kitchen Cabinet Laminate Finishes

Kitchen Cabinet Laminate Finishes

As a material laminate is more resistant to scratches dings and moisture damage.

Kitchen cabinet laminate finishes. In this post we ll cover the different types of cabinet finishes. The best part about a laminate finish is that they are highly durable moisture resistant easy to maintain and are available in a vast number of colours and designs. The paper is fused together under high heat and pressure and is glued onto a wood substrate with an adhesive.

Besides housing cooking essentials and utensils cabinets also help beautify your kitchen. Our master guide on kitchen cabinet finishes will take you through the durability maintenance and quality of available finishes uv acrylic membrane and laminate so you can make an informed choice. Cabinet finishes are the last application of color or laminate that gives cabinetry the final aesthetic.

Laminate kitchen cabinets consist of layers of pressed paper with a customised top layer. By reflecting light the shiny finish of these gloss cabinet fronts helps to make the space feel bigger and more open than it actually is making gloss finish cabinets an excellent choice for smaller kitchen spaces. Presently there are various cabinet finishes available in the market such as acrylic finish membrane finish laminate finish stainless steel finish etc.

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet finish can be crucial since it is usually a one time investment. Plyboo kitchen in jakarta elan full access door style with a natural finish. A type of finish similar to lacquer acrylic is a non toxic reflective high gloss finish which can give cabinets a perfectly smooth appearance.

Low pressure laminate such melamine is used on the less expensive kitchen cabinets and is not as durable as the high pressure variety. The techniques used to apply them and the pros and cons of each. This light reflection is also a bonus if you are considering a darker colour as you won t need to worry about the shade.

Steel grey laminate finish. It also comes in fewer colors so it is less appealing among homeowners looking for a wide variety of color options. It is available in a wide range of colors and gives a glossy sheen to your kitchen cabinets.

To install kitchen cabinets there is a whole wide range available in different finishes and different materials all together you can select from. Since the kitchen cabinets are subjected to a lot of dirt grime and heat consider these surfaces to keep all issues at bay. What is a laminate finish.