Kitchen Cabinet Jacksonian Era

Kitchen Cabinet Jacksonian Era

P eggy eaton had married john eaton the secretary of war the marriage and the morals of peggy eaton were highly criticized by the highest society in washington d c.

Kitchen cabinet jacksonian era. Kitchen cabinet legend for the phrase kitchen cabinet is very much alive in the literature of public administration and it has always had a prominent place in commentaries on the jackson ad ministration. In the nineteenth century and frequently today the phrase symbolized a clandestine method of making policy decisions in the jacksonian. Angry that advisors not answerable to congress as the official cabinet was.

Kitchen cabinet history for kids t he kitchen cabinet history revolved around the scandal known as the petticoat affair or the peggy eaton affair. Congress saw it as a threat 3. President andrew jackson to describe the collection of unofficial advisors.

Including the cabinet social circle and even his niece and first lady emily donelson. Critics branded these members as the kitchen cabinet a. The kitchen cabinet was a term used by political opponents of u s.

Inofficial group of about 13 temporary advisors some were newspaper people who kept him in touch with public opinion.