Kitchen Cabinet Installation Diy

Kitchen Cabinet Installation Diy

Check out part 1 on lowe s youtube ch.

Kitchen cabinet installation diy. Draw a vertical line to line up the edge of the first cabinet to be installed. Level and set the boxes kitchen floor cabinets photo 2. Position the first cabinet set the first cabinet 1 4 in.

Then measure from the ceiling and make a line where the cabinets will be placed. These beautiful display shelves are easy to build and will cost you less than 100. Make every space in your kitchen count by installing shelves above your kitchen cabinets.

If the floor isn t level find the highest point in the floor along the wall where the cabinets will be installed. Install diy kitchen cabinets. Basic carpentry skills and tools are all you need to create this kitchen vanity.

Now to install these cabinets i used shims to level them up where they go screwed them together through the side panels then attached them to the studs in the wall through the top back support. It s best to try to start the base cabinet installation as close to this high point as possible it s easier to shim under the cabinets on the lower spots to make them level with this first one rather than starting on a low point and having to trim the bottoms of the cabinets. You need not be an expert to build this kitchen vanity.

This will lighten the cabinets for easier installation. Find and mark all the studs. Hang the upper cabinets first so the lower ones won t be in the way during installation.

Measure up 19 1 2 in. Label the location of the kitchen wall cabinets and appliances on the wall. How to install kitchen cabinets step 3.

From that line and draw another line for the bottom of the upper cabinets. From the positioning line and shim the base until the top is even with the horizontal line and level from front to back. This diy basic will provide tips on how to install kitchen cabinets.