Kitchen Cabinet In Government

Kitchen Cabinet In Government

What does kitchen cabinet mean in government.

Kitchen cabinet in government. The phenomenon of kitchen cabinet where decisions are cooked and placed before the cabinet for formal approval also exists in usa and britain and is quite powerful in influencing government decisions there. Early in his administration jackson abandoned. History popular name for the group of intimate unofficial advisers of president jackson.

In india another powerful group was seen a few years back which is empowered group of ministers. Cabinet government definition is a government in which the real executive power rests with a cabinet of ministers who are individually and collectively responsible to the legislature. The term has endured through many decades and now generally refers to a politician s informal circle of advisers.

Tom happold looks who makes up this kitchen cabinet. Clean refrigerator and kitchen cabinet fronts. The kitchen cabinet was a mocking term applied to an official circle of advisers to president andrew jackson.

Clare short yesterday claimed that a small clique of unelected downing street advisers dominated government decision making over the war in iraq. Kitchen cabinet in government topic. The kitchen cabinet is the term used to refer to the advisers and other staff at number 10 who form the so called inner circle around the prime minister.

2 dhh a piece of furniture with doors and shelves or drawers used for storing or showing things syn cupboard the medicine cabinet filing cabinet collocations cabinet noun a cabinet meeting a cabinet meeting will consider the government s environmental policies. The kitchen cabinet was a term used by political opponents of u s. The cabinet have been discussing the plans.

A cabinet member a member of the. An inner circle of unofficial advisers to the head of a government. From longman dictionary of contemporary english kitchen cabinet ˌkitchen ˈcabinet noun countable pg a group of people who give advice informally to the leader of the government not officially examples from the corpus kitchen cabinet think of the man who has to hang a kitchen cabinet in a frame house.

Kitchen cabinet in u s.