Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Painted

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Painted

I painted hinges for my kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet hinges painted. If you have priced kitchen cabinet hardware you know it isn t cheap. Spray painting the hinges is a cost effective option to replacing all the kitchen cabinet hinges. Once completed you should get some spray enamel paint.

If you can completely disassemble each hinge that would be ideal. Another pro to having so few cabinets to paint this whole cabinet paint job only took less than a quart of paint. Otherwise work a small amount of silicone lube or grease into the action to help keep the paint out of the hinge itself keep the outer surfaces clean though.

Allow to fully dry between layers. If spraying keep moving the spray nozzle to ensure that it does not layer too thickly in any one spot. If you plan to paint both sides the most visible sides should be face up.

I was okay with the style of the hardware that i had. While i was in the middle of painting my kitchen cabinets white i had some down time when i was watching paint dry. The current cabinet handles were very dated and i wanted to swap them for a more sleek and modern design.

Paint at least two layers to ensure an even coating. I just wanted a darker color. Set the hinges flat on a a sheet of old newspaper with the parts you want to paint facing up.

While painting new hinges isn t recommended repainting old kitchen cabinet hinges is a great way to refinish your cabinets and add that appealing touch. Spray or paint the hinges. How to paint kitchen cabinet hinges.

And that was with two coats on everything. If the hinges have evident nails paint the nail ends as well to ensure a whole look. You will need to clean and wipe the old hinges so they can be painted over properly.

Meanwhile back on the cabinet frames in the kitchen we sanded and patched any holes with wood filler like where the old hinges had been screwed in. Put on a respirator and spray a coat of metal primer on all the hinges using an aerosol can. Hinges can be difficult to change out and costly.

And spray painting the hardware takes things up a notch. With all the colors available these days i highly recommend you paint the hinges in your kitchen makeover. This was a good time to figure out how to paint the kitchen cabinet hardware.