Kitchen Cabinet Hinges How To Install

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges How To Install

Align the hinge with the edge of the cabinet door.

Kitchen cabinet hinges how to install. Put the hinge on the hinge side of the cabinet door where you marked from the bottom and arrange it so it s in the position it needs to be installed in. You should draw a line that is parallel with an edge for hinge side and inset 7 8 inch. If the rubber mallet doesn t do the trick then the hole is probably not drilled properly.

Make sure the soft close hinge is squarely in place and flush with the top of the cabinet door. Drilling installing hinge cups. The other screws on the hinge allow you to adjust the cabinet door side to side and up a down a bit use your adjustments to get your doors level.

This is for a hinge cup that recesses into the door. Use a pencil to mark around the hinge so you know where you need to bore your hole. If the hinge is being stubborn you can tap it with a rubber mallet.

Once it is aligned properly you can fasten it into place. And wa lah new kitchen cabinet hinges. Now attach your new kitchen cabinet hinge with a few screws and screw the hinge back to the frame of the cabinets.

Changing kitchen cabinet hinges is a way to update your kitchen without having to go all the fuss and expense of refinishing furniture or installing new ones. This video tells you everything you need to know about installing concealed hinges european style on cabinet doors if you love my content and would like to. Measure the distance between the screw holes cabinet handle to determine the necessary distance between the holes in the door of the kitchen cabinet.

Place a hinge temporarily on the front or back of the door depending on the type of hinge. Align the top and bottom hinges using a tape measure.