Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Guide

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Guide

Kitchen cabinet hardware ideas typically decorated kitchen would pair well with oil rubbed bronze cabinet knobs and pulls and a modern and contemporary styled kitchen sets well with stainless steel and other smooth metal hardware.

Kitchen cabinet hardware guide. In a way you can think of it like jewelry in that they accentuate cabinets and drawers and provide a point of interest for the eye. Once you pick a style you can decide the type of finish you want. The material of your hardware will largely be dictated by your wood stainless steel handles will really pop on a dark wood cabinet while a darker metal may be a better match for bright white cabinetry.

For cabinetry with a flat center panel door install your hardware anywhere from 2 to 4 from the bottom wall cabinets or the top base cabinets. Guide for hardware positioning. The primary function of cabinet hardware is to allow you to open your cabinet doors and drawers.

This means dividing the drawer into thirds and placing the pull hardware horizontally in the center of each left and right section. Choosing cabinet hardware doesn t have to be hard. This will protect them from moisture and stains so that they last for years.

Old cabinets new kitchen cabinets kitchen layout kitchen design cupboards kitchen counters. So choosing the hardware not only that you like but that fits the style you are trying to accomplish is the first step in re imagining your. Kitchen cabinet shelves should be well secured to the cabinet walling and need to be lined before you start organizing.

In a bathroom or kitchen the hardware is usually the final detail. Pulls are long and typically used on drawers. Knobs are small and typically used on cabinet doors.

As you can see selecting cabinet hardware is not an exact science. Another option with heavier and larger drawers is to use a larger cabinet pull to cover more of the drawer front. The interior of your kitchen cabinets drawers and shelving should be non porous.

Stick with the rule of thirds for multiple pulls on a drawer. Most cabinet hardware is metallic but you can also find some hardware made of hard plastic or glass. For drawers 30 or wider consider installing two pieces of hardware.

Changing hardware can make an old cabinet look new again. Picking your kitchen style is an important first step. Whether you go with knobs pulls or a combination of both find one that suits your personality and style.

Kitchen cabinet hardware guide. For drawers center the hardware. For choice cabinet s lineup of cabinet hardware click here.

Posted january 15 2018. The two common types of hardware are knobs and pulls.