Kitchen Cabinet For Hanging Microwave

Kitchen Cabinet For Hanging Microwave

It can be more but any less could limit the size of pots you can use on your cooker disrupting the ease of cooking.

Kitchen cabinet for hanging microwave. But as robin reminds me don t put stuff there. 15 ways of mounting microwave in upper cabinets with open shelving. It s true that they save us a lot of time in.

Consider replacing a lower drawer with a microwave cabinet. For that microwave that is cluttering up your counter we give you a wood microwave cabinet. I mean it looks like a perfectly good place to put stuff flat smooth and always in an accessible location in the kitchen.

This shelf could also easily be adapted for other appliances or storage the materials cost. Shoze hanging microwave oven stand storage with 10 s type hooks rack shelf space saving. Below the counter don t have much counter or upper cabinet space to spare.

Installing over the range microwave. Oct 24 2013 saving space. Building a cabinet requires some basic woodworking skill but the project is easy with little patience and perseverance.

15 examples of mounting microwave in upper cabinets. The minimum recommended height of the cabinet space between the top of the cooker and the top of the otr microwave is 30 inches. Microwaves are a very important appliance in the kitchen of many people.

If your microwave came with a top template tape it to the base of the cabinet above and drill 3 8 10mm holes through attachment points where directed to fasten the microwave to the cabinet base. My little kitchen doesn t have a lot of counter space so i came up with this cheap easy and sturdy shelf to hang my microwave under a countertop or cabinet. Leaves the counter clear and the sightline open especially when paired with airy upper shelving.

Drill a 3 8 10mm hole through any other circle. Sometimes you have to do something clever when in a home that doesn t have certain appliances preinstalled. Building an attractive wall cabinet for your microwave not only give sit a designated space but streamlines the appearance of your kitchen.

Here s how we cut a cabinet for an over the range microwave to make it fit well in our budget kitchen update the top of a microwave is a stupid thing. That s space saving solution that also make your cupboard looks neat. Here s a basic guide to help you get started.

If the microwave is too low moving dishes in and out of it can be a nuisance. Find wood microwave cabinet. Step 1 measure for your cabinet.

We gathered for you some examples how you can mount a microwave in upper cabinets at your kitchen. Drill a 3 16 5mm hole through any circle located on a wall stud.