Kitchen Cabinet Doors Not Closing Properly

Kitchen Cabinet Doors Not Closing Properly

But the door itself may be at fault.

Kitchen cabinet doors not closing properly. We installed kraftmaid full overlay cabinets with soft close adjustable hinges in our newly renovated kitchen less than a year ago. European style hardware which is pictured throughout this article is the most common and easiest to adjust. If the door will still not close properly fold the matchbook cover again and repeat inserting and closing the door.

If your cabinet hinges look similar these steps should work for you. When cabinet doors won t close determine whether the door itself is getting stuck or the hinge is keeping it from moving freely. To fix this issue troubleshoot the cause and fix your cabinet doors with the guide below in four steps or less.

Poor alignment of cabinet doors will cause a kitchen to look run down and may be embarrassing to the homeowner. When you know how to tighten loose cabinet doors adjust poorly aligned doors and fix binding you will be able to get almost any kitchen cabinet door to work properly. Step 1 tighten the hinges.

After a decade you will have swung that door more than 18 000 times. Repeat the process if the doors are still not closing properly yet. Luckily with a single screw driver and a little ambition the door alignment can look brand new.

Doors with other types of hinges may need rehanging or you may have to install a better latch to keep the door closed. If the cabinet door fails to close completely or fails to stay closed the. Cabinet doors that overlap or refuse to stay closed are unsightly and can be a safety hazard.

When your kitchen cabinet door won t close the problem is usually that the door isn t level. Just recently however two of our double door cabinets began to hit each other not close properly. One way to find out if that is the cause is to wait for.

Wooden doors can absorb moisture and warp in hot humid weather. If the door has euro hinges you can easily adjust them with a screwdriver. Perhaps they sit crooked or jut out from the cabinet face.

So it s not surprising that after years of consistent use most cabinet doors don t close as cleanly as they use to. Imagine you open and close a cabinet door 5 times every day.