Kitchen Cabinet Cost

Kitchen Cabinet Cost

If the kitchen has an island add its length of cabinets to your wall total.

Kitchen cabinet cost. Pricing cabinets by size 10x10 kitchen cabinets cost a 10 foot by 10 foot kitchen runs 2 000 to 24 000 depending on the type and materials you choose. Semi custom cabinets let you choose from among a number of options because they re built after you place your order. To estimate costs for your project.

A lot depends on the size and shape of your kitchen and the total linear feet of cabinets needed. Fully custom kitchen cabinets cost 500 to 1 200 per linear foot with most homeowners spending 12 500 to 18 100. Basic space standard finish options standard upper height laminate formica countertop with basic edge 9k 15k or.

A typical kitchen remodel can cost. Basic cabinets top and bottom for a 10x12 foot kitchen start at 4 000 5 000 and up not including installation and countertops. Depending on whether you choose stock semi custom or custom pricing ranges widely from 100 to 1 500 per linear foot.

The lower end of this price range is for unassembled cabinets. Actual costs will depend on job size conditions and options. On average cabinet installation costs 5 109 with most homeowners spending between 1 839 and 8 535.

This sized room typically has 20 to 25 linear feet of cabinetry. Average cost of kitchen cabinets is 150 900 per linear foot. For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 6 cabinets the cost to install kitchen cabinets starts at 275 415 per cabinet.

To use the cabinet calculator simply measure in inches the length of the cabinets on your wall not the length of the wall itself. See how style layout and cabinet dimensions impact cost. Use our kitchen estimator tool to come up with an estimated cost of your custom built cabinet.

Prices for semi custom and fully custom installs for an average sized kitchen ranges from 13 000 to 30 000 or more. If you have more than one wall add the length of cabinets on each wall together for a total length of cabinets.