Kitchen Cabinet Cost Per Foot

Kitchen Cabinet Cost Per Foot

Exotic woods ornate details and period styles will add cost and delivery time but result in a one of a kind kitchen perfect for modern kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet cost per foot. The price of your installation may vary depending on whether you need backsplashes seams sink cut outs or upgraded or curved edges. Fully custom kitchen cabinets cost 500 to 1 200 per linear foot with most homeowners spending 12 500 to 18 100. For example a simple change of one cabinet with 2 full height doors to a 4 drawer bank cabinet can add 500 to the cost of a kitchen.

The linear foot price for a particular cabinet is calculated by adding up the cost for the cabinets in a mythical l shaped kitchen that is 10 x 10. Average cost is 500 1 400 per linear foot. The cost per cabinet for stock cabinets can range from 55 to 600 per unit and they may need to be assembled and possibly finished.

Stock 60 220 per linear foot these is the most budget friendly option. Homeadvisor members report that custom cabinet projects cost them an average of 5 254 with a range of 2 267 and 8 253. Here is a cost breakdown for the cost of cabinets plus installation for the three main levels of customization of cabinets.

There are three types of cabinets you can install. 75 400 per linear foot installed. Recycled glass countertops run anywhere from 50 to 100 per square foot plus around 80 per hour for installation which results in a cost of about 75 to 150 per square foot installed slightly higher than typical granite or quartz.

The average cost of kitchen cabinets is 160 and 380 per linear foot for stock or semi custom styles with most homeowners spending between 3 200 to 8 500 for installation and materials. They are completely prefabricated and are available for installation immediately. Shoe cabinet with casement doors full height.

The average homeowner can expect to pay 500 to 1 200 per linear foot for custom cabinets or 2 267 and 8 253 for the average kitchen with 25 linear feet. A bathroom or office will run 4 000 to 10 000 or more. Kitchen top hung cabinet with casement doors to ceiling.

Basic space standard finish options standard upper height laminate formica countertop with basic edge 9k 15k or. A professional kitchen designer will help establish an efficient layout. The linear foot price for a cabinet style uses a formula created by the cabinet industry to both compare one cabinets cost to another and also to mislead customers as to how much cabinetry costs.

A typical kitchen remodel can cost. You can expect to get anywhere from 65 to 80 return on your cabinet and kitchen remodel investment when you sell your home. An average size kitchen has about 20 linear feet of cabinets so your total cabinet cost will be 1 600 2 400.

Kitchen bottom cabinet with casement doors drawers. Here is a list of estimated costs for our carpentry works.