Kitchen Cabinet Colors As Per Vastu

Kitchen Cabinet Colors As Per Vastu

Green and brown are best for kitchen cabinets in east.

Kitchen cabinet colors as per vastu. Orange is said to encourage optimism influence relationships and power making it a go to choice while picking your kitchen color as per vastu. As per vastu the colour symbolizes stability and is also believed to whet one s appetite. Light brown chocolate brown improves appetite brings stability and warmth in relationships improves satisfaction levels.

Shades of grey white and golden are best colors for kitchen cabinets in west. As per vastu these colours signify warmth and deep love. If the kitchen zone in east of north east is extended then use any light shade of red pink orange violet purple or lilac colours.

Kitchen wall colours as per vastu. These colours denote. How mirrors at home affect your money and health vastu shastra color tips for kitchen 2020 kitchen cabinet trends 15 kitchen cabinet ideas 30 white kitchen cabinets ideas for you diy home art 10 essential kitchen vastu tips.

This ties in with the ideal positioning of a kitchen which is facing the south east. As per vastu lemon yellow green and orange are the most suitable vastu colours for kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet colors as per vastu.

If the kitchen zone in east of north east is cut or low then use any light shade of blue colour. Shades of red maroon pink orange and brown are ideal for kitchen cabinets in south and south east. To enhance the positivity and grace of your kitchen these are the bright and balanced shades that will make your kitchen vastu compliant.

Vastu colours for kitchen cabinets floors slabs interior design by urbanclap professional new era architects designers and pmc. Pastel shades such as light pink and peach also work well in the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets colors as per vastu design vastu tips for kitchen call 9446206938 kerala important you 6 vastu approved kitchen colors tag for vastu good accent wall colors living room colours which color is best for kitchen slab according to vastu vastu colours for kitchen cabinets all directions nk.

These are some of the best vastu colors for kitchen cabinets. Vastu colors for kitchen 1. Light brown is another great choice for the kitchen.

Yellow lemon yellow improves health purifies the body brings positivity and cheerful vibes signifies openness and illumination. Cabinets in lemon yellow orange or green are a good idea.