Kitchen Base Cabinet Toe Kick

Kitchen Base Cabinet Toe Kick

You will need to get accurate measurements.

Kitchen base cabinet toe kick. The strip of wood is the toekick. Adding a toe kick cabinet base will give your kitchen a professional and polished look. Toe kicks also bring your cabinet opening up off the floor a few inches.

Just two more steps to finish installing toe kick under your almost completed kitchen. This might seem like a small advantage but long experience shows that this small amount makes it much. At the bottom of every base floor cabinet in your kitchen or bathroom you will notice a notched profile below the front door of the cabinet.

Home ergonomics is of particular concern in the kitchen since this is a primary workplace and a space where people spend a great deal of time. This reduces strain on the body from leaning over. The importance of the toe kick space in base cabinets holds for cabinets in other locations as well such as bathrooms laundries and home offices.

A toe kick is a cut out at the bottom of a base cabinet that allows for you to get closer to the cabinet because your feet have a space to go. Underneath most kitchen and some bathroom cabinets there s this strip of wood usually 4 tall a little over 10 cm along the floor and the cabinets are placed on top. The toe kick on base cabinets is usually standardized at 3 1 2 to 4 inches in height and 3 inches deep and there is rarely any reason to alter this.

Here s what you need to know. Most cabinet manufacturers will make matching toe kicks but if they don t you can create your own pretty simply. Well if you hold the nail gun level and install brads at the very top you won t be able to see the nails.