Install Kitchen Cabinet Base Molding

Install Kitchen Cabinet Base Molding

As a precaution though check your work immediately to make sure the moulding runs in a straight line.

Install kitchen cabinet base molding. Aligning the bottom moulding edge with the top of the cabinet frame should eliminate curves and sags. Set the miter saw to a 45 degree angle cut. Place the flat side of the molding against the miter saw fence.

This video covers all aspects of cabinet molding installation including side molding toe kick and crown molding. Measure and mark the front section of crown molding to the cabinet width. To install the molding drive a nail using a hammer to attach the molding to the cabinet.

Dave shows every step for installing crown molding on a cabinet with straight cuts. Miter cut the front piece to length and nail in place against the mounting board with the bottom edge even with the top of the cabinet frame. Swing the blade of a miter saw to 45 degrees.

You can ask the help from a friend or a close family member to hold the other end of the molding while you install the other end on the cabinet. Once the trim moldings have been cut according to the desired length install the moldings firmly along the edges of the cabinet. Step 3 install the molding at the edges of the base cabinet.

Cut at one mark then move the molding along to the next mark.