How To Spray Kitchen Cabinet Boxes

How To Spray Kitchen Cabinet Boxes

Different parts of your kitchen cabinets require a different method of painting.

How to spray kitchen cabinet boxes. Use the narrow spray to paint the outside edges. That is the reason why we will highlight each one. Move the sprayer into the kitchen and give the boxes and stiles a first light coating.

Be sure to prep the surfaces by washing them with tsp and scuffing. You can use an air sprayer a handheld airless sprayer or aerosol cans to spray paint kitchen cabinets. Cabinet boxes are a separate issue.

Inside the cabinets spray the corners first and then fill in the center area. Next move on to the cabinet doors. Kitchen cabinets get greasy so the paint may not adhere well unless you clean them thoroughly with a grease cutter such as trisodium phosphate tsp which is sold in hardware stores home centers and paint stores.

In that way you will ensure complete coverage. The first thing you should do is to paint the cabinet doors. When the primer is completely dry lightly sand the surfaces.

And although chiffonier backup ability be inevitable you can buy some time by painting your cabinets these site built cabinets from the 1960s still had years of. How to spray paint your kitchen cabinets this old house assaulted by aggregate from begrimed calmly to affable grease kitchen cabinets booty a beating. Repeat at least one more time leaving 4 hours or more between coats.

Spray the larger flat surfaces as you did with the doors. Finally move to the fronts of the cabinets. After you do that focus more on the center area.

Make sure to paint spray the inside edges at a bit of an angle to ensure you are getting in all the nooks. Protect the floors with drop cloths and cover the counters with rosin paper using masking tape to hold the paper in place. Estimate about 60 minutes to spray down cabinet doors and drawer fronts for a medium sized kitchen.

To make the best kitchen degreaser that is simple yet highly effective pour white vinegar into a small spray bottle spray on greasy cabinets and let sit for about 30 minutes. Start first with the crown molding and then move to the inside edges. As always spray with the grain of the wood and hold the sprayer perpendicular to the cabinets.

Once the vinegar degreaser has had a chance to penetrate the grease stains wipe away the vinegar and gunk with a damp cloth and clean water.