How To Shorten A Kitchen Cabinet For Microwave

How To Shorten A Kitchen Cabinet For Microwave

Draw the microwave opening on the face of the cabinets and add 1 inch to the width.

How to shorten a kitchen cabinet for microwave. Just make a mark on the. Full blog post here. The standard clearance is about 69 off of the floor to the bottom of the upper cabinet that is over the stove top.

You can shorten any cabinet without removing it from the wall. I mean it looks like a perfectly good place to put stuff flat smooth and always in an accessible location in the kitchen. If a microwave oven is located with its heat vents too close to a wall or cabinet restricting airflow the electronics will get too hot for what they are designed for long term causing.

If the cabinet comes with a removable shelf you will also need to remove it. Our goal was to be able to cut the bottom out cleanly and then be able to just move it higher and create a new cabinet shelf. It s possible to shorten a hood cabinet so an over the stove microwave will fit.

Using the correct blade brian had the bottom of the original cabinet cut out fairly cleanly in a short amount of time. It s likely that the microwave will be shorter than the existing opening that s ok. Due to the integrated installation of the cabinets certain moldings trim shelves or fillers can t be disturbed by removing the.

Use the saw to cut flush against the side cabinet as pictured above.