How To Remove Kitchen Cabinet Kick Plate

How To Remove Kitchen Cabinet Kick Plate

You ve made it this far on your cabinet installation don t ruin it now.

How to remove kitchen cabinet kick plate. The back of some toe kick ends will be seen after installation. Wedge the straight end of the pry bar under the toe kick board at an angle and then tap the other end with the hammer until it loosens and comes free from the base of the cabinet. Pretty easy job to replace it.

Loosen the toe kick board across its length. What you can do if you re looking to give your kitchen a make over is glue laminate to them i ve seen them in a plastic that looks like stainless steel which was a good look. Use the curved end of the pry bar the pull the board away.

The space between the bottom of your cabinet doors and the floor is covered with a toe kick. Cut once measure twice and try fitting the toe kick after each cut. Tap the end of the pry bar with a hammer to loosen the toe kick board from the cabinet frame.

Turn the pry bar over and use the curved end of the pry bar to pull the toe kick completely away from the cabinet frame. Any floor showing through will get paint on it so make sure tape is stuck well to the floor. It s important to not blow out the toe kick back and create a splintered mess.

The old toe kick was made of particle board and absorbed water. Wash again to remove all dusty bits vacuum area well and cover floor next to kick plates with paper. Used material i had laying around.

You are just dulling the shine so paint can stick. The toe kick is often a 1 inch board attaching to the cabinet frame with staples or small brad nails. Press the corner section against the kick plate in the inner corner or around the outer corner of the kick plate.

If your units weren t made with legs taking the kick boards off will be very difficult plus may cause them to sag and probably won t look good. Shoot two 1 inch pin nails evenly spaced vertically 8 inches apart to fasten the overlay kick board to the existing kick board. Shoot two 1 inch pin nails evenly spaced through the face of the quarter inch kick board to attach it to each one of the cabinet jambs.

Use a simple claw hammer and a pry bar to remove the toe kick. 3 hold the cove base against the corner until the adhesive sets.