How To Install Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles

How To Install Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles

You ll specifically want to place them anywhere between 1 and 4 from the top or bottom edge of the door.

How to install kitchen cabinet door handles. How to install kitchen cabinet handles. Installing the final hardwa. Line crosshair up with the hole in the jig then mark the hole where you will pre drill.

But today we are going to talk cabinet hardware. Specifically how to install cabinet hardware the easy way. If you ve ever had to put hardware on brand new cabinets you know it can be nerve wracking cause you have one shot with the drill to get it right.

Small handles mounted with a single screw to a door or drawer face. This handle is bigger than a knob and is typically mounted with two screws on a door or drawer face. Step 6 repeat for the second pull hole.

Drop handle pulls require a backplate in place of screws. We walk you through the process. Step 5 attach the kitchen cabinet handle.

In addition handles are even more demanding because they require two holes. While holding the cabinet pulls on the front of the cabinet screw in from the backside of the cabinet door until tight. Installing kitchen cabinet door handles.

My boyfriend and i spent weeks remodeling our kitchen. This creates a crosshair with horizontal line. When it comes to installing cabinet door handles either knobs or pulls they are always placed on the opposite side from the door hinges.

Once you know where you want the handles or knobs to be installed holes need to be drilled for them. After countless hours scraping paint sanding wood primering and painting doors and staining cabinets we finally got to the last part to complete our kitchen. So that each pull or knob ends up straight and in line with the drawer next to it.

After you ve attached the kitchen cabinet handle bush off excess dust and you should be good to go on your next one. Some pulls do not use two screws such as ring and pendant pulls which only use one. You want all the handles or knobs to be in the exact same position on every door and drawer.

Here is a complete guide to help you markup properly with the template and install the handle correctly. Use a drill bit that is the same size as the screws being used with the knob or pull. The biggest challenge to installing cabinet hardware is keeping everything consistent.