How To Cover Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

How To Cover Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

I added to the dimensions of the pane of glass.

How to cover glass kitchen cabinet doors. Apr 4 2016 learn how to cover glass cabinet doors with fabric with this easy tutorial. Kitchen fabric glass shelves kitchen glass door glass kitchen cabinets inside cabinets diy door glass cabinet doors decor glass cabinet. Keep unsightly items like cereal boxes canned goods snack bars and unattractive dishes in a closed cupboard where they won t be seen.

Screw or drill your door hinges back on the doors or cabinets. One obvious option for keeping those ugly items from shining through is to replace the glass. Occasionally someone will be daunted by the idea of glass front cabinets.

If the wide deep or curvy profile grooves around your cabinet doors don t jibe with your sense of style use an overlay frame on the facing to achieve a different look. Glass doors will showcase all of the contents of your kitchen cabinets which may result in a cluttered look. It s simple diy and can be changed out easily and often.

Gently glide your screw through the scored x pressing the wallpaper down around it to prevent any tears. To avoid inhibiting the function of the doors you ll want to stack those draperies completely on the wall. Measure the area of the cabinet door that you would like to cover with paper.

But in reality your kitchen cabinets typically hold everyday items like plastic tumblers from your last vacation to florida. Glass front cabinets are a real treat to organize. Use the ruler to measure and mark a piece of butcher paper or newspaper and then use the rotary cutter to cut it out.

So how do i cover clear glass cabinet doors to hide those functional items. Use the tip of your sharp knife tool to make a small x in the wallpaper that now covers the screw holes. Sometimes they even become the focal point of the kitchen.

No rods or nails. Instead of just being utilitarian and holding the necessary supplies they become art. Give yourself a generous allowance all around the glass.