Grey Dual Color Two Color Kitchen Cabinets

Grey Dual Color Two Color Kitchen Cabinets

For kitchen cabinets white is a good choice for the third color in a mostly two tone cabinet composition.

Grey dual color two color kitchen cabinets. This design trend often works well when one color cabinet is the primary color or focal point and the other is used as an accent color. The color of these kitchen cabinets is lunar grey and it works so well with brass hardware. The overall classic look of the design is achieved with light quartz countertops and backsplashes.

Try painting a few uppers white to allow resting places for the eye or to balance a very strong tone with a very light hue. Using two different color cabinets can be effectively used in many different kitchen designs from traditional to modern. Combine two colors on your cabinets and you re on your means to a truly individual appearance.

Ahead are 30 examples of two tone kitchen cabinets that make a strong case for abandoning uniformity. For color selection it translates to 60 of a dominant color 30 of a secondary color and 10 for the accent color. Or perhaps you re just looking to redesign a space in a more innovative aesthetic.

For starters maybe you re doing a little renovating or revamping of an exisiting space. Painting or refinishing just some of your cabinets can make a smart impact. So burst out of the white and wood zone and let color function the room.