Common Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Common Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Here are some of the common kitchen cabinet materials apart from timber that you can choose from when you are customising your kitchen.

Common kitchen cabinet materials. Wood alternatives such as laminate and thermofoil provide another cabinet material option that offers the look of hardwood for an even lower cost. Solid wood wood is by far the most common material used for cabinets. Want your kitchen to look stunning.

Kitchen cabinet materials 6. Nonetheless stainless steel is an ideal material in the kitchen both for cabinets and general usages like shelving and racks. Hardwood is resistant to denting and scratching but it does cost more than any other material because of its high durability and overall quality.

Several kinds top the list hardwoods like marindi mindi or melia azedarach teak and sheesham indian rosewood are common kitchen cabinet materials in india you can then stain and varnish the surface or paint it with your choice of hue. In fact these are often seen only in industrial professional level kitchens. However this means that fingerprint marks dirt and stains are more visible and your kitchen cabinets will require regular cleaning.

Some architects and designers will lean towards solid wood for cabinetry just as they would for furniture. Not many households opt for this material for kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is a naturally humid environment which means any solid wood will expand and contract.

Laminated cabinets use the same material as that used for countertops although they are thinner. Solid wood comes in many different forms and is one of the most commonly used materials for kitchen cabinets. Laminates are plastic products resulting from the fusion of polymer resins and paper through pressure and heat.

Mdf forms from a combination of wood fibers held together with adhesive and then compressed under high pressure. Then acrylic finishes give it a luxurious touch with its glossy finish. Solid wood seems the most durable choice but think twice before selecting this material for cabinets.

The laminate material serves as the surface of wood based cabinet boxes and doors to make them easier to clean. The only disadvantage of this material is its low quality and performance. A material made of sawdust and waste wood particle board still offers a wooden appeal but for a much cheaper price.

It is a non toxic and renewable resource. Medium density fiberboard or mdf.