Can You Paint Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Can You Paint Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Also it will be difficult to remove the hardware later if you change your mind about it.

Can you paint kitchen cabinet handles. The current cabinet handles were very dated and i wanted to swap them for a more sleek and modern design. The type of primer used. Otherwise the paint finish may not come out the way you want.

Here s what you ll need to paint your kitchen cabinet hardware this list includes affiliate links if you make purchase using one of these links i may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Changing your cabinet hardware is a tried and true way to breathe new life into a space. I would try spray painting one handle to see if you get the result you want.

And spray painting the hardware takes things up a notch. Cleaning cabinet hardware is an important part of the process especially on used kitchen cabinet hardware. Clean and sand the hardware.

Skewer to poke holes in cardboard steps. Often on kitchen cabinets we will paint the hinges as so to make them visually disappear. It holds up perfectly.

And easy way to do this is to screw the screws into the handle get a piece of styrofoam push the screws into it and spray away. Poke holes in the cardboard with a skewer scissors or knife. As for painting the hinges though and hardware.

Hold the spray paint can about 12 inches away from the hardware and spray with a broad sweeping motion. Holding the can 8 inches from the hardware apply one light coat of the spray paint color of your choice to cover all surfaces of the hardware. Once you paint over in place it creates a paint seam that will be void of paint beneath.

9 spray the hardware with a metallic enamel paint color of your choice. Bend down and move around the entire piece so you coat all surfaces. It s better to apply 3 light coats for full coverage than over apply and get drips.